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Welcome to The Loempie, 

where you can find unique and colorful designs for your furbaby.

The Loempie started creating it's creations back in the summer of 2022, and was founded by Lily .

" Hi, I am Lily, a proud CavMom to the twins Blenheim Cavalier, Loempieta, and Gracie. They inspire me every day and I love to make them look stylish. Since sewing is my hobby, I started to sew some stuff for them. But later on, it's getting too much. Then I thought why I don't share my creations and sell them online?
I opened my shop on Instagram and it went amazing. "

The Loempie's products are made from high-quality 100% cotton and handmade in Valkenswaard - The Netherlands.

"Every day I always get some ideas, about what to make and what to create, and it is always fun to create something new. "


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