Our Story


The Loempie ( pronounce as THE LUMPI ), is a dog accessories brand based in The Netherlands. The Loempie is inspired by our first cavalier girl named Loempie, who had a good life with us for almost 11 years. Loempie barely gets dressed honestly because she always took everything we put on her out. She only wore a sweater and raincoat when it was wintertime. And lately, in her senior age, I discovered the snood, I tried it on her and I always put it on whenever she had her meals.

Loempie went to the rainbow bridge in the summer of 2021 at the age of 10 years and 11 months. And after Loempie left, 3 months later we are blessed to welcome 2 cavalier girls, they are twins named Loempieta and Gracie.

Since the girls entered our life, I started to buy some accessories for them, from bandanas to dresses. But then I realize that I can make myself something for them. So I started doing my hobby and suddenly it became too much. Then I thought to sell them online, then The Loempie was born in July 2022.

We made our studio for The Loempie, we decorated them with colorful kinds of stuff and of course, Loempie pictures are everywhere. There,
I spend most of my time creating something. Our products are handmade with love. I did everything, from the fabric purchases and creating the designs until they became ready products and put them online, and make them ready for shipment.

We hope to inspire you with our creations and the story behind The Loempie will also inspire you to spoil your dog, and make them stylish and beautiful. Because life it's too short to not spoil your dogs.

Thank you so much for supporting our small business, we are so grateful and we hope to meet your expectations.


“ When you support a small business, you support a dream.” —

Lily, Loempieta and Gracie 


The Loempie

KVK nr 89095294


5552 HE Valkenswaard

The Netherlands

Email : info@theloempie.com